Eggs In A Gluten-Free Nest (Or Not So Gluten-Free If You Choose)

Creating The Gluten-Free Nest

Last week I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do different for breakfast.  I have a lot of eggs courtesy of our CSA, so it had to be something with eggs.  Monday night, I was reading Living Gluten-Free for Dummies by Danna Korn and hit the recipe sections that started with…breakfast!  She had a recipe in there for Eggs in a Basket.  Pretty much the same as Eggs in a Nest.  I saw it and thought, “Wow.  I haven’t had that in a while.”  I always forget about it and it’s so easy to make.  It’s like cooking your toast with your eggs at the same time.


I first had Eggs in a Nest after moving to Louisville.  My mother-in-law would make them every so often.  She used the big pieces of whole grain bread that could handle a large cut hole for the eggs.

If you are gluten-free, you know large pieces of bread are hard to come by.   Even if our specialty bread is smaller, Katz’s Gluten-Free Wholesome Bread packs such a nutritional punch with the teff flour that the old saying, size doesn’t matter, really rings true.  Then you have the nutritional package inside that eggshell.  Eggs are full of iron, folate, choline, and protein.

Eggs in a Gluten-Free Nest with Avocado and Canteloupe

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  It is the time of day where your body needs refueling after getting all that rest.  The higher quality your refueling, the better you’ll feel through the day.   I try to follow eat like a Queen for breakfast, a Princess for lunch, and a Pauper for dinner.  I also make sure I have a good healthy mix of protein, fats, and carbs – the food trinity as I like to call it.  Keep in mind that carbs are in fruits and vegetables, too.  It’s not often I actually have grains with my breakfast, as I usually have a lot of fruits and vegetables with my eggs.  Sound too healthy?  Well, maybe.  But, the way I’ve been eating since last December I’m more awake and alert through the day and I don’t get that 2pm-omg-I-need-a-nap-or-I’ll-die feeling.  I also don’t get aggressive when I get hungry.  With that food trinity, whole foods diet, and gluten-free diet my blood sugar doesn’t spike up and down continuously through the day.  It will take a slight dip when I get hungry, but not that sharp drop where I feel like my body is going to start shaking involuntarily and I’m going to take off someone’s head if they don’t feed me NOW!   I am also generally able to get through the day without a morning snack and just a healthy afternoon snack to hold me over until I’m ready for dinner.

Are you ready for a how to?  I say a “how to,” because there really is no measuring required and it’s fairly simple.

Eggs In A Gluten-Free Nest (Or Not So Gluten-Free If You Choose) – serves 1

2 pieces of gluten-free bread (or regular bread), hole cut out of the middle of each with a biscuit cutter, knife, or cookie cutter fun shapes

2 eggs

butter, olive oil, or other oil of choice

Heat pan over medium heat, then add butter or oil and coat the pan.  You don’t want to add too much fat to the pan so that the food is swimming in it.  Just enough to coat the pan evenly.  Add the bread to the pan, then break an egg and place in the pre-cut hole.  The egg may overflow, which is okay.  Cook until the egg is firm underneath and the bread has toasted to a golden brown.  Use a spatula to turn the bread and eggs over and finish cooking to desired doneness.  I like my yolk a little runny, so I try not to let it cook too long.  Remove to a plate and serve with veggies and fruit of your choice.

If you are cooking gluten-free and gluten-filled bread in the same pan, cook the gluten-free bread first and set it aside away from the gluten-filled bread.  This is to prevent any possible cross-contamination issues.  If you cook them in two different pans, you will need to use two different spatulas, too, taking care not to mix them up.

Bon Appetit!



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