The Road To Normal

All roads lead to Normal. Or is that from Normal?

It was perfect, really.  Sunday I was at a rest area somewhere in the middle of Illinois with my husband, two of my aunties, and my cousin.  We were looking at the map and where our destination was in relation to where we were.  There it was on the map, BIG and bold – Normal.  We had many laughs over that.  It was so funny, that I took the picture on the left and posted it to Facebook while we were on the road along with the caption, “Not our destination.”  I’ve made more jokes since like: They waved us by because we don’t fit the criteria; They wouldn’t let us in.  Well, you get the picture.  I’ve always said, why be normal?  Rhetorical, mind you.

The perfection really came today at my doctor’s visit.  Those of you who have read my blog from the beginning and are familiar with my symptoms and struggles with hypothyroidism may remember that I discovered two symptoms are low blood pressure and low body temperature.  Two things I’ve always remembered having.  My doctor’s nurse took my vitals as soon as I got back to the exam room.  Blood pressure – 132/80.  Temperature – 98.  Normal ranges.  I was nearly jumping for joy.  Yes, for once in my life, being normal is a good thing.  My doctor came in about 5 minutes later and wait for it…T4, TSH, and Iron levels all in the normal range.  I was grinning from ear to ear.  I’m still Vitamin D deficient.  Bummer.  But, like my cousin echoed my thoughts in a text, “2 out of 3 ain’t bad.”

We talked more about what was going on and what I was and wasn’t taking that he still had listed in his file.  He was rather confused when I reported I wasn’t taking anything for the iron deficiency or my thyroid.  I told him I had read about the connection between gluten and thyroid problems, went off gluten, and feel tons better.  His response, “Alright.  I think you may be on to something.”  Then he brought up follow-up labs and appointments, which is when I broke it to him that we were moving to Cincinnati.  He’s not a joker like my dentist, who told me, “No one leaves the practice.”  Instead, he genuinely wished me well.  I told him I was excited about it, except for starting over with doctors.  And I’m glad I said that to him because now I can share with you what he told me.

Passing Normal

My doctor’s advice was 1) make sure the doctor is Board Certified in Family Medicine.  2) Make sure they didn’t just graduate.  3) Make sure they didn’t stop learning when they left school.  4) Make sure it is someone you like.  I should remind my readers that I chose not to see an endocrinologist to help me manage my hypothyroidism.  Referencing #4, my doctor is someone I like.  I know he respects me as an intelligent person.  He talks with me and not at me.  He doesn’t lecture.  He’ll listen to what I tell him, even when I disagree with him because he knows I know my body better than he does.  He was a true gem that I found after a particularly horrible experience with a doctor that didn’t listen, didn’t pay attention, and wasn’t very available.  You better believe I will take his advice to heart when I’m in Cincinnati looking for a new doctor.  If any of you are looking for a new doctor in Louisville, check mine out.  James Wright, M.D. at Jeffersontown Family Practice.

For now, I’m going to bask in the glow of being “normal” and enjoy knowing I made the right choice in taking charge of my health by going gluten-free.


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