Tomato Overflow

Gazpacho after processing

We are getting tomatoes from our CSA every week.  I’ve done a lot of different things with them so far this Summer.  Last week we got 2 pounds and I was trying to decide what to do different again.  I contemplated making tomato sauce to freeze and use later for pasta dishes.  However, we were getting weather over the 100 degree mark last week.  The last thing I wanted to do was stand over a hot stove if I didn’t have to.

I pulled out the Gluten-free Cooking book I bought over a week ago and started perusing the recipes.  Bingo!  Gazpacho.  I could use all the tomatoes and it didn’t require turning on the stove.  The bulk of the prep was rough chopping the vegetables that make up the chilled soup.  I threw everything in the processor and let it fly.  Once it was evenly processed, I put it in some tupperware to chill in the fridge.


Several hours later I pulled it out and dished it up for lunch to go along with some leftovers.  I got a “wow” from my husband.  I added just enough salt for him.  Go me!  However, it was a tad too salty for me.  Sacrifices.  Despite the saltiness, it was cool and refreshing.  A welcome reprieve from the Summer heat.