Third Time IS A Charm

Hot Pastrami with Field Greens, Tomato, Stone Ground Mustard on Toasted Gluten-Free Bread served with fresh fruit and avocado slices.

My husband wanted to go to Jason’s Deli for lunch on Friday.   I was intent on getting something gluten-free other than a sandwich since my previous two experiences were along the lines of nails on a chalkboard.  Somewhere between my husband saying he wanted to go to Jason’s and arriving at the counter, I changed my mind.  Perhaps it was because the person that was working the order line was doing something else before we ordered, giving me the time to say to myself,  What the heck.  Third time’s a charm, right?

This time around my experience went something like this.

Me: I’d like the pastrami on gluten-free bread-

Her: Would you like the bread toasted?

Me: Not unless you have a dedicated toaster..

Her: Actually, we do.  I just learned that.

Me: (thinking to myself, Sweet!) Sure, that would be great, then.  I’ll have it with field greens, tomato, and did I say stone ground mustard?  (I thought I had said it before she asked about toasting the bread)

Her: No, you didn’t.

Me: Okay, add that and I want it with fresh fruit.  Oh and avocado.

She nods and writes it all down.

Me: Would you please make sure they use clean gloves and a clean surface?

Her: Yes, I will! (she smiles)  We have dedicated gloves just for that.  Do you want a drink?

Me: Yes, please.

She then takes my husband’s order.

Her: Let me read your order back to you (talking to me directly and proceeded to read back my sandwich order) .

Me: Yes.

She gives my husband the copy of the order and the number.

Her: Take that down to the register.  (She holds up the original order and looks at me)  I will get your sandwich taken care of.

Me: Thank you!

If you read my post about my first experience ordering, you know it was nowhere near as helpful as today.  That day I wanted to scream and pull hair out.

When the food arrived at our table I realized I made one mistake in ordering.  I forgot to ask for a “slim” that has half the amount of meat.  I was worried that I’d end up eating it with a fork again.  Oh well.  I took a deep breath and picked up the first half and took a bite.  No pieces of bread fell off.  I took another bite.  It held together again.  In fact, the only thing falling was the enormous amount of pastrami and field greens inside.  JACKPOT!  I was very happy that the bread held together.  Third time really is a charm!

I only ate half the sandwich.  I hope the other half holds up when I get around to eating it.  If it does, it will make feel even more confident about getting gluten-free sandwiches from Jason’s Deli again.