Going Raw

Goraw Banana "Bread" Flax Bar

When I was in Cincinnati in June, my husband and I went to the Whole Foods near him to check it out.  He hadn’t been and needed to pick some food up while we were out.  We were wandering around the store separately when I ran into Goraw Ginger Snaps in the gluten-free section of the cookie aisle.  I love ginger snaps.  I took a closer look at the package.  The ingredients were there in large lettering on the FRONT of the package.  I love that.  I often find myself searching for the ingredient list and then squinting to read the small print.  The ingredients for these ginger snaps?  Organic coconut unsweetened, sprouted organic sesame seeds, organic date, and organic ginger.  That’s it.  clearly labeled on the front is “Gluten Free/Wheat Free/Nut Free/All Live (Dried under 105 degrees)/All Seeds Sprouted/No GMOs/No Trans Fats/No Cholesterol/All Hand Made/All Raw Kitchen/All Family Owned”  Can you say, “love”?  I picked up a package and went on my merry way to find my husband.

I have to say that I really am in love with Goraw products.  I tried those ginger snaps and I couldn’t stop eating them.  The package is 3 servings and I nearly ate the whole package.  I had to force myself to stop.  I did some poking around on their website to see if I could order from there if I couldn’t find them in Louisville.  Sure enough, I can order stuff by the case if I want.  However, some of their products contain agave nectar, which I steer clear of because it is up there with high-fructose corn syrup and is extracted from the agave plant the same way as HFCS.  The great thing about the products is that they are dried.  There is no processing involved in making them.  Definitely fits my whole foods and gluten-free needs.

Spirulina Energy Bar

I decided to back to Whole Foods a few days later while my husband was working.  I love going when they first open because it’s far less crowded in there.  I picked up a few things I needed then went back for more Ginger Snaps.  They had some others like the Original Super Cookie, which had everything from the Ginger Snaps in it but the ginger, and Chocolate Super Cookies.  I picked up more Ginger Snaps and one of the Original.  I skipped the chocolate because of the agave nectar.  Then I was looking around and spotted the Spirulina Energy Bar.   Okay, looks interesting.  You’ve never tried spirulina before.  Go for it! I bought 2 and ate one in the car on the way back to the apartment.  With the banana, coconut, and date, I couldn’t even taste the spirulina.  They did a good job!  I was thinking it would taste like hemp protein or something.   Not that hemp protein is bad.  It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

I found the super cookies in Louisville’s Whole Foods store, but I couldn’t find the energy bars.  So, when I was in Cincinnati last weekend, I bought more Ginger Snaps and Spirulina Energy Bars.  Then wouldn’t you know, I forgot them.  My husband put them in his cabinet to get them out of the way when he had his chado class.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Wednesday, I was at Rainbow Blossom for my CSA pick-up.  I ran in to get some more unsweetened coconut milk for my smoothies and eggs and wound up in the “raw” aisle after checking out their gluten-free section.  Lo’ and behold, Goraw!  They had the Banana “Bread” Flax Seed Bar, which I hadn’t seen before, so I picked up some of those.  And did some looking at their other raw products.  Ah yes, I can open up a package and have a healthy snack that is both gluten-free and whole foods friendly.   I could make this stuff myself, and I still will make some.  But, my options are opening up for things like road trips or snacks I can keep in my desk at work.

I took everything out Thursday to photo and sample.  I was going to do it all in one post, but decided to review each brand separately so no one gets confused.   Sampling is such a rough job.  Especially, when you are trying products that are so good.  I probably shouldn’t have sampled them all at one time, but Thursday was a rough day and I was good enough to pass on buying something totally sinful and full of sugar on my way home from work.  It curbed my need to comfort myself with food and kept me in line with being healthy.  I sampled the Banana “Bread” Flax Seed Bar and darn if they weren’t kidding about the name.  It really does have the taste of banana bread with flax seeds.  I’m not complainin’!

I think I like this whole raw arena that opened up for me.  It’s now more than just fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.