I Love When Others Cook For Me

Brown Rice Pasta Swirls with Tofu, Mushrooms, and Peas

My husband came up with a new pasta dish last week.  He was so proud of it, that he fixed it for me Sunday night, only using gluten-free pasta instead of whole wheat pasta.  His attempt was to season the crumbled tofu so it would be like sausage.

While we were at Whole Foods Friday night, he picked up some mushrooms, tofu, and brown rice pasta.  He wanted a lot of pasta and wound up buying a brand I hadn’t tried before.  Trying new brands of gluten-free items usually comes accompanied by a small prayer that goes something like, “God, please don’t let it totally suck.”  You laugh, but have you tried some of the gluten-free stuff out there?  *shudders from the memories*

The dish turned out well for the most part.  In fact, looking at the picture while typing this is making me want some again.  My husband said he toned down some of the spices because he was concerned I’d find it too spicy.  I told him the more I ate, the less spicy it tasted.  I only had two problems.  One, the pasta didn’t cook evenly.  It turned out to be good pasta, the ones that were cooked all the way through.  But some of it was chewy because it wasn’t thoroughly cooked.  Not sure why some cooked all the way through and others didn’t.  Then again, I wasn’t in the kitchen watching what he did.  Two, too many peas.  I hit a pocket of nothing but peas.  Up until then, I was okay with them.  If you’ve seen me and peas, we don’t really get along.  I am trying though.  I have gotten to the point where I actually like pea soup.  It’s cooked peas just staring at me that I have a problem with, a lot of them that is.

Overall, yummy dish!  Babe, you’ve gotta make more this weekend!