It’s All Greek To Me

Yalanjie - grape leaves stuffed with rice, served with cucumber salad

I am in Cincinnati again this weekend.  So, we get to try new places to eat while I’m here.  We went to Taz Restaurant Friday night for dinner.  We spotted this place the last time I was here and were looking for a place to eat, but we didn’t know what it was, so we didn’t venture in.  While we were eating elsewhere, my husband was Googling it on his phone to check it out.   We were both intrigued when we discovered they serve Greek and Lebanese food.  We were actually going to go for lunch Friday, but my husband was craving Chipotle, so we went there instead.  Since I had Greek in my head, I decided that’s what I wanted for dinner, since I didn’t get it for lunch.

We had a short wait for a table.  It was full, but not crowded, which made the waiting more pleasant than usual.  I already knew what I wanted since I had perused the menu online earlier thinking we were going for lunch.  My husband needed some time though.

Mediterranean Gyro

I ordered the Mediterranean Gyro, no bread.  Our server looked at me, “No bread?”  I was prepared for that funny look that I’ve gotten used to.  “Yes,” I answered.  Then her eyes widened a bit and she asked,”Are you gluten intolerant?”  So, that sparked some conversation.  It was extremely refreshing to have a server actually know what it’s like.  She even came back to the table later to talk to me more about what it’s like for me when I do have gluten.

Chicken Kebab

My husband will usually ask the server what they recommend when we go to a new place that isn’t part of a franchise.  She recommended the Chicken Kebabs and said that’s what she lives off of when she’s working.   Whatever he was planning on getting, he wound up going with her recommendation.

We also ordered some Yalanjie, stuffed grape leaves, for a starter after she told us the food might be a while since they were busy.  We ordered them cold since she said we’d get them faster, too.  I’ve never had stuffed grape leaves cold before, but it was a nice treat since it


was so hot and humid outside.  I especially loved the tartness from the vinegar.  I love vinegar.  Honestly, they were so good, I was eating them faster than usual and couldn’t tell if it was the yalanjie that was tart or the cucumber salad that I was eating it with that was tart.

Our dinner arrived and we were both in love with the food.  And our server.  She was kind enough to leave the pita that my husband’s food would have been on top of so I could try his food if I wanted.  And try I did.  The chicken was tender and moist.  The rice was soft and fragrant.  Can you taste fragrant?  Oh yes, you can.  And it was in that rice.  My pita-less gyro was out of this world.  You can’t really tell from the picture I took, but there were a lot

Rice Pudding

of veggies under the gyro meat, including some kalamata olives.  We were in agreement, it was the best Greek food we ever had.

Dessert came up and our server told me the only gluten-free option for me was the rice pudding, which was fine with me because I was going to ask about it.  My husband got the baklava.  He told he liked it, but seeing as how I can’t taste it, well, I can’t tell you how it really was.  My rice pudding was topped with cinnamon, crushed pistachios and fresh coconut.  If you look close, she was trying to make a smiley face with the toppings, but said her hand slipped.  Hand slip or no, the rice pudding was divine.  Remember I said in my Dynamic Duo post how much I love cinnamon?  Well, see all that cinnamon?  I was a happy customer.  The pudding was dense and sweet, but not overly sweet.  It made me think about making some with brown rice, unsweetened coconut milk, honey, and cinnamon.  I couldn’t finish the pudding, so I brought the leftovers home.  Guess what I had for breakfast this morning?

Oh yes, we will definitely be returning to Taz.