One Of My Favorite Things

Fixing Popcorn On The Stove

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.  A vice, if you will.  I have a hard time passing up popcorn when I even smell it.  Yes, I’ve got to have it at the movie theater.  I used to get the microwave popcorn all the time, but stopped when I changed to a whole foods diet and went back to fixing it on the stove.  I used to have one of those fancy popcorn poppers for the stove with the crank at the top to help you stir the kernels.  I got rid of it after a while because it was a pain to clean.  Now I just use one of my pots.  No extra space to take up and it cleans up easier.


1/4 cup popcorn kernels

2 tablespoons unrefined coconut oil

salt to taste

Heat pot on medium high.  Add the oil and swirl around to coat the bottom.  Add the kernels and swirl around in the oil.  Add the salt and swirl some more, then cover.  Swirl the kernels often.  Once it starts popping, turn the heat down to medium.  Just like with microwave popcorn, it’s done when there is several seconds pause between pops.  Pour into a serving bowl and enjoy!


One thing I read several months ago about popcorn was to store the kernels in the refrigerator.  Something about them being cold helps them pop better.  I’ve found I have less kernels that have not popped since doing this.  By less, I mean there are maybe 6 kernels left at the bottom of the bowl when I’m done.

All this writing about popcorn has me craving some…