Gluten-Free Freak Out

Pastrami with Field Greens, Tomato, and Stone Ground Mustard on Gluten-Free Bread

I didn’t mean to go to Jason’s Deli to get lunch today.  But, I think being productive before 10am made me think I needed to reward myself.  Or at least get myself out of the house for a few minutes.

So, I go to the To Go counter to order my sandwich and the conversation goes somewhat like this…

Me: I’d like the pastrami on gluten-free bread, with-

Him #1: What kind of bread?

Me: Gluten-free.

Him #1: What?

Me: Gluten-free

Him #1: I think that’s the wheat.

Me: No, there is gluten in wheat.

Him #1 (looks at me like a deer in headlights): Let me ask.

Him #1 proceeds to step over to Him #2 at counter where people eating in order and then Him #2 walks over.

Him #2: You have a question?

Me: I want my sandwich with the gluten-free bread.

Him #2: That’s the wheat.

By this time my temperature is rising and I have to take a deep breath to stay calm or I knew it wouldn’t be pretty.

Me: How can it be the wheat when there is gluten in wheat?

Him #2 (looking rather confident): Let me go get the package.


Him #2 returns with bread in hand: It’s whole grain.  I’m sorry.

I ordered feeling relieved because for a second, I thought I was going to walk out without anything.


I get home with my sandwich, turn on a movie on Netflix Instant Watch (thank you Wii!), sit down and open the container.  First thing I notice is the bread falling apart before I’ve even touched it.  Second thing, I suddenly remember how they pile on the meat.  I mean pile.  Dagwood would love their sandwiches.  So, crumbling bread and lots of meat makes for messy eating.  By the time I hit where I took the picture on the right, about halfway through the first half, I decided it was time for a fork.  I finished off the half with the fork and then had a stare down with the second half wondering if it was worth the effort.

I set it aside and went to the Contact Us portion of the Jason’s Deli website.  I left them feedback about my experience with the ordering gluten-free bread and actually eating it, along with some suggestions to make things easier for people like me who have to be gluten-free.

It was worth the experience to know what to expect if I decide to have a sandwich there again.  But, it definitely wasn’t worth it in the taste department.

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