New Running Shoes!

Even though I felt euphoric and wide awake after my interval training, my shins and my knees were giving me trouble.  I knew that meant it was time to break down and buy a good pair of running shoes.  Up until now, I just used a pair of  asics I got at Marshalls awhile back for $11.  Not bad for a big brand, yeah?

I resisted getting running shoes until now because I wanted to make sure I was going to stick with this and because when I used to run (way back when) I always used my regular tennis shoes.  I’ve never had running shoes before and I know nothing about them.  My husband suggested I go to Ken Combs Running Store for a pair.  I decided to meander down there this afternoon after work.

One of the guys stepped out of the stock room as soon as I got to the back wall of shoes and asked if I needed help.  YES!!!  I love when sales people appear when I need them and I don’t have a clue what I’m looking for.  I told him I was looking for a good shoe for interval training.  He asked what type of shoe I wanting.  Hell if I know, I was thinking.  These hard-core runners have their own language so some of the questions or things he said I no clue about.  I told him I just wanted a pair that would help my shins and knees not hurt anymore.  He had me take one of my shoes and roll up my jeans so he could see my arches.  I absolutely love that he knew that much about shoes to know what I needed.  If you’re like me, you run into sales people who have no clue about the products they are selling.  This was very refreshing.

He said I needed a stability shoe to help keep my foot turned out instead of in like it is doing.  He came back in 2 minutes with 3 pairs of shoes, each a different brand and had me try them on.  The first pair, was okay, but it was too stiff for me in back of the ankle.  I was walking around and he told me I could go outside to test them on the sidewalk.  Outside?  That’s foreign to me.  I opted to stay in.  He gave me a pair of New Balance next and it felt so comfy going on.  I immediately liked them better than the first pair, so he started putting the first pair away.  The next pair was Saucony.  I’d never heard of the brand before, but he said it was starting to become their best seller over asics.  It was rough going on, but it felt much different once I had them on and laced up.  The last pair was asics.  Again, very comfortable.  I knew I had a tough choice to face.

I took off one shoe and put one from the New Balance pair and walked around the store.  He told me again I could go outside.  Since I was having a hard time really distinguishing between the two walking around on the carpet, I went outside.  Two steps on the pavement and I could feel the difference.  Amazing the difference the walking surface makes!   Where I couldn’t tell the difference between the two on carpet, I immediately felt the difference as soon as I was on the pavement.  I took off the asics and told him I definitely like the New Balance over them.  I then put on a Saucony, walked around the store, then headed out on the sidewalk.  I had to walk up and down a few times, probably looking like a mad woman pacing, before I could figure out which one I liked better.  I walked out with the Saucony shoes.

If my shins still weren’t bothering me so much, I would have taken them out for a test training as soon as I got home.  Now I just have something to look forward to for tomorrow.   The last weather report I heard was calling for rain tomorrow.  Nothing wrong with getting rained on during a workout, right?

If you are in the market for new running shoes, my advice is what my husband gave me, go to a running store if you have one available in your area.  Look for a sales person to help you.  Be open to any brand because you just never know if you might like another one better than your usual.  Lastly, ask if you can test them on the pavement!

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