Exercising For My Health

Exercising has been on my mind lately with me keeping up with Jonathan Roche’s No Excuses Workouts (NEWO).  It has motivated me to stick with the exercise and to make it part of my daily routine.  I look forward to my interval training.  Not so much the strength training, but I do it anyway because I do the short version.  For those of you who know me, it’s been an uphill battle to keep up with the exercise because I’d drop it when I’d feel too fatigued one day and not start up again or I wouldn’t see the results I should have seen and I stop.  Part of this is because I keep forgetting my body is not working the way it used to because of my hypothyroid.  I forget that I can exercise and exercise and not see results if my thyroid isn’t working right.

I’m reminded of that frustration when I keep seeing articles about women needing to exercise an hour a day in order to lose weight.   I know I’ve discussed this before, because I was irate when journalists kept writing about this about a month ago.  Here they are still writing about it.  Exercise gets us physically fit, reduces stress, and when partnered with a healthy diet can lead to weight loss.  Exercise alone will not lead to weight loss no matter how long you do it, especially if you have a hypothyroid.  For women who already have a hard time exercising, hearing that an hour every day will only lead to more frustration, especially when they don’t see the results.

I learned about interval training back when I was reading UltraMetabolism by Mark Hyman, M.D. and was so intrigued with the benefits of it, that I decided to try it out.  Even though I fell in love with it because I’d feel euphoric after it and would want to do it more, I just wasn’t fitting it in to my daily routine.  The biggest benefit of interval training is raising your resting metabolic rate.  Plain English?  You burn more calories at rest.  You also burn 30% more calories during interval training than running.  Plus, you only need to do 15-20 minutes of it 2-3 times a week.  I’m doing it 3 times a week and strength training 3 days a week.

I first learned about NEWO a few weeks ago when a listener called into the Saving Dinner show and asked Leanne about weight loss.  She said she was following Jonathan’s NEWO system and lost 10 inches, but was upset that she wasn’t losing pounds.  I would have been jumping for joy if I had lost 10 inches, not caring a lick about the pounds.  But that’s because my focus is on health not weight loss.  I know not everyone has the same mindset as I do.  Society has conditioned us to focus on pounds.  Yes, the pounds do matter, but when you see a size difference and no weight difference, that means you are losing the fat when exercising and building muscle.

The caller’s story intrigued me so I checked out NEWO, a part of the FlyLady network, and started using it that afternoon.  I get daily emails from Jonathan with the fitness mission for the day, as well as testimonials from people who are seeing results.  I’ve listened to his show several times and I love that he focuses on the positive and that he has the same philosophy as I do – if you mess up, just pick right back up and start off where you left off.  He gives you little hints about how to get a little more movement throughout your day and encourages you to find “exercise” that is fun.  He also has 15 Secrets to Better Health on his website which I love.  Well most of it.  I don’t agree with him on some of the nutrition points, but I’m in a different place than most people trying to give up sweets and junk food.

Jonathan also practices his own system and he just finished his 15th Boston Marathon.  I believe his time was 3:14:34 and he raised about $7,000 for the Dana-Farber Foundation.  If you get a chance to listen to his show, he’s on BlogTalk Radio, Wednesdays at 1pm.  Great motivator.

In the end, I hope the ability to stick to NEWO will help me get back on the mat practicing Aikido again.

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