I didn’t get a chance to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution yet.  My husband was still working on the client’s website today, so I stayed away from streaming so he’d have more bandwidth.  I really can’t wait to watch it, but it looks like it will be Tuesday afternoon before I can watch it.  I was at our Board of Directors meeting tonight and then we had a dinner afterwards.  That took a big chunk of time out of my day, as well as presented a huge challenge.  No dressing on my salad because it was creamy, so who knows what was in it.  No bread.  The entrée was roast beef and there was a lot of it.  Halfway through it, I realized there was brown gravy on it.  Oops.  I was actually being mindless because I was talking to some of the people who are taking the eCPR portion of our conference.  Not to mention my boss’ fiance was teasing me about no gluten.  The big joke he kept repeating was that he and I would be at Dairy Queen having biscuits and gravy for breakfast tomorrow while the eCPR people are having a continental breakfast.  Right.  I told him okay if he holds my hair back when I get sick.  Dessert was cheesecake.  I cut the crust off and just ate the cheesecake.  Yum.  The meals tomorrow should prove interesting.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to blog tomorrow.  But I’ll be back on Tuesday telling you about my adventures in trying to stay gluten-free while working a conference.  At least it will all be over at noon on Tuesday!

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