What A Difference Exercise Makes

Last night I started hiccuping as soon as I was about to pull the covers back to get into bed.  This wasn’t the *hic* wait a few minutes and *hic* again.  It was *hic hic hic* over and over and over again.  I picked up my phone and left a message on Stick’s wall in Facebook, “You sent me your hiccups, didn’t you?”  She had them earlier yesterday.  It was quite a while before they stopped and I could make an effort to sleep.  So I had yet another night of sleep deprivation.

I trudged through the day at work, trying to focus and stay awake while in the middle of the Conference Madness.  I was honestly stressing out, which is still foreign to me at this job.  The one thing that kept my blood pressure from spiking was reconnecting with someone on Facebook from my Talker days.  I’ll admit that she was one of the last people I expected to reconnect with and was a little apprehensive when I accepted her friend request.  We’ll just say things between us and some other friends were quite strained the last time I talked to her.  I bit the bullet and messaged her asking about her and her kids.  We passed messages back and forth all day and early on she apologized without any prompting on my part.  Second chances can be wonderful.  While messaging, health issues came up and if any of you reading this have had a conversation with me lately about health, diet or thyroid issues, you can just imagine what I was saying.  Needless to say, I pointed her to my blog, the books I’ve read and some of the people I follow on Facebook, as well as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  I know she’ll be reading this eventually.  *waves*  I’m so glad you sent that friend request and that we got a chance to become friends again.

With all the Conference Madness going on, I wound up working an hour later than usual just to make sure things were done since I don’t work on Fridays.  I’m not exactly sure what I thought I had planned when I got home, but whatever I had in my head to do got dumped for interval training.  I can’t even remember how I decided it needed to come first.  I just knew it was now or never.   It was beautiful out despite some of the clouds which made the interval training well worth it.  I just hate to do it on a treadmill if I don’t have to.   I did the exerted portion as somewhere between a jog and run.  Towards the end it was more of a jog and I thought I was about to start wheezing.  Luckily, I didn’t need my inhaler at all.  I’ll be glad when I can finally get rid of that thing.  While doing the interval training in the neighborhood, I noticed some things in bloom that I didn’t see last week when I took my walk with the camera.  When I got back I grabbed my camera and went right back out.  You got it, I got even more exercise.  I’m feeling so good right now.  I couldn’t have imagined feeling this good when I first went into the office today.  I’m sure when I finally get up from my chair it will be a different story, but that’s what mineral salts are for.

I knew a few weeks ago that I wasn’t getting enough exercise and even my “creative movement” wasn’t cutting it.  I was just trying to figure out how to get my regular cleaning routine back and even that went to pot the last two weeks between the extra hours at work and lack of motivation.  I kept hearing about Jonathan Roche from the FlyLady and Saving Dinner on Facebook (they are all on the FlyLady network).  His radio show is on right after Saving Dinner and yesterday after Saving Dinner, I figured why not at least listen to see what he has to say.  First off, I came in while he was telling a woman who was training for a run to lay off the hard-core training because she was injured and to pull out of the run.  I think he hooked me right there.  I was checking out his Facebook site and website in between making name badges for the conference.  I became a fan on Facebook and joined him on Big Tent.  I like that he sends out daily exercise missions.  Sometimes I just need someone else to tell me what to do, especially when it comes to exercise.  I hope I can keep this up!

I’m listening to Sting right now and I’ve been reading his book, Lyrics by Sting. Reading the lyrics alone like poetry is inspiring me.  I do miss writing poetry and lyrics, but writing can’t be forced for me.  Blogging has been great for me to exercise my skills again.  Don’t be surprised if one day I post a poem instead or some story I wrote.  I’m getting a bit of inspiration to go back to work on my book.

Interval training + blogging + Sting = euphoria

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