Yesterday was a bit of a long day at work and I had no motivation for anything, including blogging.  Today was even longer with an all day training that Grasshopper and I went to on Logic Models.  I’m ready to keel over but I had to share this real quick with you.

When I signed us up for the training, I knew it would be an all day thing.  Since there was no mention about lunch being provided in the information, I figured we were on our own for lunch.  Boy was I wrong.  They provided a plethora of refined flour and sugar for breakfast (thank goodness I ate before going), then another plethora of refined flour and sugar for lunch.  Breakfast was slices of french bread and other pastries.  I didn’t get to close to identify the pastries.  And various chewy granola bars and Nutri Grain bars.  Kind of make me sick to look at all that.  One of the women had a chewy granola bar later in the morning and I noticed she was reading the nutrition information.  This was the information with the calories, fat grams, sugar grams, carbs, fat, Vitamins, minerals…all the number stuff.  This took up the whole back flap that you automatically see.  You had to lift that flap to read the ingredient information, which she didn’t do before opening.  I found it interesting that they bombard you with the numbers so you don’t see what you are actually putting in your mouth.  They hide it so you don’t even think to look.  Oh, 100 calories?  This must be good for me.  Been there, done that.

Lunch was an assortment of pre-made sandwiches, chips, and cookies.  Looking at all that, I was rather disappointed.  There were ham, roast beef and veggie sandwiches.  One of the guys made a joke when they said there were veggie sandwiches that they assumed there would be vegetarians.  Funny joke if you had been there with us talking about assumptions in the logic model.  Take that a step further and they assumed that everyone eats white bread and everyone eats stuff that comes in little serving size packages.  Coming from a perspective of having had to feed people at a training, I know it’s hard to do it healthy and on a budget.  But I was rather disappointed that when registering for this training, food allergies or sensitivities or even preferences weren’t asked.  I kept thinking that I needed to add that to my evaluation when I did it at the end of the day.  Go figure, I was so tired, I forgot.

So what did I eat?  I took one of the ham sandwiches and one of the veggie sandwiches and rolled up the veggies in the ham and the cheese.  Adaptation.  *pats self on back*