It’s A Gluten-free Life

I spent most of yesterday feeling like I hit a brick wall.  Taking a hot bath didn’t help me at all either.  I was really cold and trying to warm up, instead I get overwhelmingly sleepy and then felt like all the energy I had, was sucked out of me.  By the time we went out to dinner with the in-laws for hubby’s birthday, I was feeling better.  We went out for sushi, so I knew I’d have a lot to choose from.

When I actually looked at their rolls, there wasn’t a lot I could have between the ones with bbq eel, eel sauce, and tempura flakes.  The first two have shoyu, or soy sauce for you Mainlanders.  The second usually has regular flour, which is bleached wheat flour.  The sushi came and one of the rolls had tempura flakes on top and another that was plated separately, was sitting in a sauce made from shoyu.  The description of both didn’t include those.  I ate them anyway.  I figured another day of feeling bad wouldn’t be too bad since I knew I didn’t have to work.  I also figured that the amount of gluten I would get would be miniscule compared to the piece of toast on Friday.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sushi and I actually had dessert, sakura mochi.  Mochi is gluten-free.  So I knew it was okay to have.  And given that I was going to be altering my diet even more for good, I needed a little something.

Once I finished playing online last night, I set out to clean out the main shelf of the pantry.  Pulled out ALL the items that contained gluten and put them in a trash bag.  Today I worked on the fridge and the kitchen cabinet with the oils and non-refrigerated sauces.  I still have the kitchen cabinet with the baking items and a basket of snacks in the pantry.

I’m a bit torn about this change.  I thought I’d be okay once I re-introduced gluten and wouldn’t have to make any more changes to  my diet.  I’ve  found myself wanting stuff I can’t have all day long.  Emotional eating trap?   You bet.  So I’ve been doing what I can to combat it with whole foods.  I even spent my afternoon going through the recipe blog on the Tropical Traditions website.  They all pretty much have coconut oil or coconut in the recipes.  So be warned.  But everything looks great and there were some really good-looking gluten-free recipes on there.  Made me want to try them all!  I can’t wait until I do.

Change is good for me.  I know it is.  I just wasn’t wanting to make more changes so soon!  Ah, such is life.

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