The Food Revolution Has Begun!

I was excited to be able to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last night with my husband.  Wednesday, he informed me he’d be rolling out a client’s website Friday night because the client decided that’s when they wanted to do it.  Then, yesterday afternoon he was informed they changed their mind after he spent a couple of hours prepping for it.  We spent the evening discussing how he has changed his eating since he started reading Mark Hyman, M.D.’s, UltraMetabolism.  If you think I’m extreme in how I eat, my husband is more extreme.  He is literally eating like a pauper for dinner.  An apple and some almonds.  As many times as he told me he was eating apples and almonds a day, I suggested he vary his fruit and nuts.  He told me since he hadn’t eaten much fruit before last week to not “push it.”  I haven’t seen him crack open a Diet Coke since he’s been home for the weekend either.  Oh, happy day. 🙂

So last night’s show was the first hour that I saw earlier in the week and blogged about.  The second hour focused more on education.  After a second lunch of the kids at Central City Elementary School only being served what Jamie fixed this time, it didn’t go over well.  There was a lot of food waste, but from what I could tell, it was the same amount of food waste with the other lunches.  They were showing kids spitting out their salad (fresh, not bagged) or not liking the pasta.  What this tells me is that the kids aren’t even getting fresh, whole foods at home.  They are getting the same processed stuff as they are getting at school.  He still got flack from the cooks and the woman from the school district in charge of the food at the schools in their county.   After being disappointed after that lunch, he went into a classroom full of six-year olds with fresh produce and asked them to identify what each item was.  Tomatoes were called potatoes.  Beets were called celery.  And you get the idea.  Then he pulls out the processed foods – chicken nuggets, pizza, french fries.  They got those all right.  I say again, they aren’t getting the whole foods at home.  What was great about this educational piece, was that the teacher saw something that needed to be rectified and on her own, taught the kids about the vegetables.  Before the end of the second hour he was back in the classroom and they were able to identify all the vegetables correctly.  Score one for that teacher for taking things into her own hands.

Jamie is wonderful with providing visuals.  He always has been.  In the second hour he asked to bring in the parents and showed them, with the kids present as well, how much chocolate milk, nachos, sloppy joes, etc. are being served to the kids in just one month.  He then brought in a dump truck that held the amount of saturated fat the kids are getting from breakfast and lunch through the entire school year.  Thankfully, the parents were disgusted, as I hope anyone would be seeing that, and said they would support his efforts.  I only wish he would have done the sugar visual from how much sugar the kids get per day, week, month and year from the flavored milks that are in the school.  It’s a powerful visual he demonstrated at his TED speech.

He took a group of kids in to his new educational “store” in town, Jamie’s Kitchen, to show them just what is in chicken nuggets.  He pulled out a whole chicken, educated them on the parts as he butchered it down into its sellable parts.  Then, what was left was the insides and the carcass.  He chopped that into four pieces and put it in a food processor.  While doing this, he was explaining to them that there was no real nutritional value in it.  He added a “stabilizer” and “fillers” then strained it of the liquid.  The whole time the kids were grimacing and were acknowledging it was gross and bad for them.  However, when he asked who wanted one after he made a “patty” from it, they all raised their hand.  So sad.  I was replying to my friends comment on my status in Facebook about her never giving her kids chicken nuggets again after seeing that, that if I want “chicken nuggets” I make my own healthy and whole foods friendly chicken strips.

Jamie also checked in with the Edwards family and they stated everything was great.  Yet, a lot of the produce he bought them to go with the menus he provided them weren’t being used up.  He saw soft drinks cups outside from fast food restaurants and I do believe I saw a bottle of Bug Juice.  He asked the youngest what her favorite meal that week was so far.  Her answer, “Pizza!”  In an effort to show the family how their eating is affecting their health, he took them all in for a wellness check.  The doctor was concerned about one of the sons possibly having diabetes because after seeing the dark coloring around his neck the doctor felt he was at risk.  I believe he said that dark coloring was an indicator of insulin levels.  Don’t quote me on that.  But they did take the son’s blood sugar to test it.  He didn’t test positive, but the doctor told the parents and Jamie that he is morbidly obese and it could cause serious health complications and take 30 years off his life.  I hope this was a good wake up call for the parents.  Needless to say, Jamie brought the son into Jamie’s Kitchen for some one on one food/cooking lessons.  He taught him knife skills, which any serious cook will tell you is essential for efficient food prep.  Not everyone is taught knife skills.  This is something one of the guys I worked with and I made sure the teens we worked with were taught when working with them on dinners.  Not only do they learn a valuable skill, it’s sometime that gives them a little boost to their self-confidence as well.

Great show.  I hope everyone got to see it.  If you didn’t look for it online on or  I just checked my TV listings since I heard it was being replayed tonight, but it’s actually 4pm EDT for us and only the second hour.  Make sure you watch the whole thing.  A friend saw just a piece of it last night and felt that he was trying to magically turn fat people into thin people.  That’s not it at all.  It’s about making sure they know what they are putting in their bodies and being healthier.  Huntington, WV is the unhealthiest city in the world.  They have a higher death rate from health issues related to obesity.  I’ll say it again, my goal is to be healthy and weight loss is just one of the benefits of being healthy.  If you can focus on the health aspect, which is what Jamie is trying to do, weight becomes less of an issue and less of a focus for people to obsess over.

I’ll leave you with this: I woke feeling like the walking dead.  This means gluten sensitivity.  I knew when I woke up and couldn’t move my body that it was just that one piece of toast yesterday morning.  I didn’t have a sandwich for dinner like planned, just soup.  Although, I know there was some gluten in the soup, but not as much as the toast.  How do I know?  I haven’t felt like this since I had that hamburger a month ago.  Time to clean more out of the pantry, cabinets, and refrigerator!

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