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Yesterday was an information overload day for me.  But it was all good information.  I didn’t share it yesterday since I was short on time.  So, here we go!

This little gem was actually found my BFF, who posted it on Facebook yesterday morning.  It’s just one of those little things that was tucked into the massive health care bill that was signed yesterday.  It will require restaurants with 20 or more locations to post calorie counts more prominently.  I know there are quite a few chain restaurants that already have calorie counts and other nutritional information in their menus.  It will no just be on menus, but the boards for fast food restaurants, too.  It’s a start.  I don’t agree that it is the right start or that it will be helpful in the end.  My issue is that the number you see is just a number unless you are educated on calories and how they differ.  I did a post on this before.  Calories are equal in a vacuum.  They are not equal in the real world where we actually eat and digest.  My preference would be to have  ingredient information.  This would not only tell you exactly what you are about to eat, but help people with food sensitivities to be able to choose without having to ask a million questions.  My friend, Bunchkin, has Celiac and she pointed out that a lot of place will sprinkle their salads with flour to keep them fresh.  This was something I didn’t know and didn’t think to ask when I had that salad at the lunch meeting last week.  Going gluten-free for nearly 3 weeks has limited my ability to eat out and have a good selection to choose from on the menu.  Bunchkin has mentioned that when she asks questions about gluten when eating out, some of them have no idea.  Knowing what is in the food I eat has opened my eyes more than knowing how many calories are in it.

We have a lot of stuff in our water even after it is treated.  This particular article is about the toxins that have been found to leech into the groundwater.  I was clued into what is really in our water while reading Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels.  I bought a Zero water pitcher/filter before I was even done with the book.  It came with a tester.  The water from our kitchen faucet tested at over 300 particulates per million (ppm).  That’s some dirty water even after being treated.  A couple of months ago one of my co-workers told me that there is lead in the water at work.  I nearly keeled over.  I was drinking that water since starting there a year and a half ago.  Forget that!  I take a container of filtered water with me for the day.  The lead could have definitely contributed to my thyroid getting out of whack the way it did.

Health education is targeting children in their early grade school years.  Even Jamie Oliver is targeting that age range in his show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. This article suggests that obesity issues may start as early as in the womb.  It made me think about a couple I know who were excited about their son trying a french fry for the first time.  What is it kids are eating in their early years?  I’m not pointing fingers or naming names, but I know that a lot of the ones I know are eating a lot of processed foods targeted for children, cereals and juices full of evaporated cane juice.  I know a lot of this is for convenience.  Child is hungry while shopping, open up snack packet and they can munch in the cart while you attend to business.  It just makes me think even more about how I’ll keep my kids, when I have them, on whole foods.

How many babies do you actually get sunshine?  The CDC did a study on how much Vitamin D babies are getting and about 37 percent are getting less than the recommended amount.  This was based on their consumption of formula with Vitamin D.  The article suggests the need for supplements.  IN BABIES!  We need to remember that sunshine is an important way to get Vitamin D.  It’s how our body makes it.  The mothers in my neighborhood that I see out with their babies have them all covered up in the sun!   Meanwhile, I’m out there trying to soak up as much sunshine as I can for my body since I do have a Vitamin D deficiency.  Get more sun!  It’s good for your Vitamin D levels and boosts your mood, too.

If you haven’t seen enough articles from me on the connection between high fructose corn syrup and obesity, then I’m giving you another one.  I won’t even comment on it since I’ve done so much commenting on it in the past.  Plain and simple, HFCS = BAD.

Wow, I lost track of time.  Dinner time for me!


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