My Shortest Blog Post

I don’t have a real blog to put out today since it was nowhere near an exciting day.  Unless you think grocery shopping and doing a lot of food prep is exciting.  I didn’t have any thoughts rambling around in my head either.  Odd.

I do want to share some things I got after I posted my blog yesterday.   Remember my blog on fatty livers, how the foods we weren’t meant to eat are toxic and cause them to become fatty, as well as exposure to toxins in the environment? If you didn’t believe me, you might believe me now.  This is what the “Western” diet is doing us!

This last link is to a video that Silly Sissy gave me.  It’s an extra from Food, Inc. and is an interview with Steve Ellis, founder and CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill.  I think the more I read about him and the more I see him interviewed.  The more I admire him and the more I wish there was one in Louisville.

I have to give a public shout out to my BFF for answering my sprout question this afternoon.  I was able to save them from certain death because of her.  I “harvested” the wheatgrass, got rid of the questionable spots and got it in the refrigerator for use in the juicer and smoothies soon.  The alfalfa sprouts are still growing.  I can’t wait for fresh sprouts on my wraps!  I’ll share pics I’ve taken once I have them uploaded to the computer.

Oh, and it’s been a week since I’ve been gluten-free and I’m doing well without the gluten.  I don’t feel any different yet.  It will be interesting to see how I react when I add it back in to my diet.  After I add the eggs back in.  I am missing the eggs.

Enjoy your weekend!