Committing To Change

I woke up this morning to an absolutely beautiful day.  Every plan I had to actually get this place back in order and do some housework went down the drain when I opened up the curtains and saw the sun smiling back at me.  I didn’t jump right out there though.  It took a little coaxing since I slept horribly again.

I sat down to watch the end of Supernatural with my breakfast in hand.  What better way to enjoy nourishment than while watching the Winchester brothers take on demons?  I started looking for something else to watch as soon as it was over.  I was still eating, so I was going to enjoy  my veg time.  For some reason Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp struck my fancy.  Crazy, I know.  I’m not fond of reality shows and here I was watching a train wreck in slow motion.  I realized that it was a good thing I was watching, though.  I am focused on my health and fitness.  What better way to learn than to watch slightly overweight (in most of their cases) celebs duke it out and whine about how hard it is.  Damn right it’s hard!

I found myself wondering what the commitment level for these people were.  By weigh-in time I knew who had their heart and soul into the program and who didn’t.  I said before, you have to want change in order to succeed with making change.  And by want, I mean whole-heartedly want it more than anything else.  One celebrity whined about how hard it is, “You just don’t understand.”  Another one whined, “You expect me to be perfect.”  Those are the ones that weren’t into it.  If you are starting to make change for health and well-being and you find yourself complaining about how hard it is or how much you miss something you cut out of your diet, it might be time to re-evaluate your commitment.  The ones not into it of course made excuses for their mistakes rather than owning up to it.  I owned up to that burger I had a week ago.  I knew what drove me to want it and I gave in to it.  The important thing is I got right back on track.  These people who kept going off track would stay off track or stay off track, then try to get back on.

The refreshing part was one of the celebrities exclaimed when he weighed-in, “Your program works, man!”  I knew he was in for the change.  Mind you this was the halfway point for the season and I haven’t seen the previous episodes to know where he was before.  Who knows.  He could’ve been as uncommitted as the two women and then something clicked for him.  My desire to change was so strong that I didn’t even plan like I normally would.  I just started removing things from my diet because I didn’t want them in my diet anymore.  Yes, like that burger incident last week there are times where I stray, but I always get back on.  It’s not about being perfect, but about committing and knowing when you make a mistake, to get back in line and move forward.

One thing that really struck me was an exercise they did about anger.  The psychologist mentioned something about how there is a correlation between weight gain and people who do not control their emotions.  It makes sense when you think about it and all the celebrities commented on how when they were sharing with each other, the common factor that helped them feel better was food.  Think about why we call certain foods comfort food.  One of my comfort foods is a clam dish Grandma makes.  She would always make it for me when I visited when she could.  It’s a really simple dish and when I was in college, she taught me how to make it.  It’s food that reminds me of home and love of my lola.  Then there is the comfort food that you just have to have when you’re down – emotional eating.  I’ve done it.  I did it just last week.

Who knew one reality show could spark so much fodder for one blog post?  I have to admit that I felt guilty for sitting there watching people working out (if you call what Harvey does to them working out) and got up to do dishes at one point.  I love Harvey and the panel.  I think that’s what draws me back when I see it on the guide.  Even when those celebrities are making excuses, they take them to task and hold them accountable.  I have respect for that since I do that a lot with people myself.  All the kids I worked with can attest to that.

After the show, I was more motivated and went out for a walk wearing short sleeve shirt and shorts, meaning it’s not freezing and sunny.  I even took a longer route this time and it when it got to the point where I could be done or take a detour, I detoured because I was enjoying the sun.  I love the sun and miss being out in it year round like I was back home.  Honestly, after a few years of living in Louisville, I thought I had Seasonal Affective Disorder because I truly hated Winter every year, got more homesick and was miserable until Spring came around.  While walking today I realized that it was likely the Vitamin D deficiency that was causing it every Winter.  Makes perfect sense.

When I got home I didn’t want to go inside and do house cleaning.  So I got a chair and sat outside the front door and read The Kite Runner, the book club’s book for this month.  I only came in when I did because I was hungry and realized I needed lunch.  Right when I finished lunch, our UPS guy delivered the package I was expecting, a sprouting kit and sprout seeds.  He told me it was too nice to be inside and that I should be outside.  Well, yeah, that makes sense.  So I chucked house cleaning again to go back outside and read more of The Kite Runner. All the time I spent in the sun today actually made me feel GOOD.  I haven’t really felt that in a long time.  It feels good to feel good.  This is a change I need to make, too.  Being in the sun more outside, that is.  With Spring around the corner, I think I can do it easily, even if it means letting things go inside.

I tried to make ice cream with the new blender using a recipe that came with it and altered it a little.  It was more like ice milk in the end, but it was good enough for me to finish it all.  It was dark chocolate and peanut butter if you were wondering.  Next time I make it, I actually need to freeze some unsweetened coconut milk and maybe it will be more like ice cream than ice milk.

After that test, I put together the sprout kit, added the seeds, and then watered them.  I have it sitting in front of the AeroGarden for the light.  I should have some in 3 days.  I’m pretty excited about this since the sprouts I get at the store look good when I buy them, then go bad within days. Sprouts are packed with all kinds of nutrients that we need.  I even read that they will keep growing once harvested.  Not sure about that one.  We’ll see.  I have two trays of alfalfa sprouts and 1 tray of wheatgrass going.  If this turns out well, I’ll experiment with other sprouts.

Okay, this  might be a good time to actually do some house cleaning before I lose energy and the feeling of wellness I have right now.  Oh, before I save this to share with the world, Day 4 of being gluten-free is going well and the worms are still in the compost not trying to escape anymore.  All is right with life.