Stress and De-stress

What a day!  I won’t bore you with the details.  I will share that for the first time I really felt stressed at work.  Not ever.  Just this job.  This job is very low stress compared to my last job.  The last two weeks I’ve been trying to fix someone else’s mistakes while still trying to do my own work and meeting deadlines.  So today I hit another roadblock while fixing a mistake.  I wanted to pull my hair out and I really wanted a hamburger.  At one point I had to fight the desire to leave my desk and run out to Sonic.  The push to get through it kept me in my seat and eventually eating what I brought with me.  I should mention that I was at CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) for Louisville Metro Police Department this morning to do a presentation and spent all morning there.  I didn’t get back to the office with my co-worker until noon.   I did a download, fixed the problem and WHAM!  Another roadblock.  By this time it was nearly 2pm and I had enough of it.  I put it aside and got something else done that was due by Friday.  Done.  Faxed.  Check.  Holy cow, time to go home.

By this time, I’m still wanting that hamburger.  I get home and end up turning around and running out to Sonic anyway.  Yes.  I caved.  I figured it’s better to cave now before I start the gluten-free trial than during.  I get back and finish watching The Ugly Truth while eating my very early dinner.  Then it hits me.  It’s been cold in here since last night.  I get up to check the thermostat and it’s 60!  Crap.  I call maintenance and it takes a while for them to get here.

In the meantime, I start on my first attempt at gluten-free bread that is also whole foods friendly.  I substituted corn meal for tapioca flour and arrowroot for guar gum in the recipe I found.  It took about 5 minutes to get all the ingredients out, measured and into the food processor.  It took about two minutes to process it.  1 minute to get in the loaf pan and 30 minutes to bake.  It’s on the rack cooling right now.  I pinched a piece off after turning it out and it wasn’t bad.  Denser than I’d like for a sandwich bread, but I can play with it the next time I make it.  I can always use it as an open-face sandwich bread if all else fails.

While the bread was in the oven, I started breaking up some cardboard for my attempt at composting soon.  Then, I used my new labeler for the first time (bought it a few weeks ago) so I could put the brown rice flour away and remember what it is that is in the canister.  While I was at it, I labeled all the other canisters even thought I know what they all are.  The shelf looks nice and organized now.

Some interesting reading in Living Well With Hypothyroidism before I turned out the lights last night.  Now, if you’ve followed my blog since I started, you know that I am all for Alternative Medicine and I have a Naturopath.  If you haven’t, now you know.  It’s not just the supplements I’m taking for my thyroid, but acupuncture, spinal adjustments, etc.  Everything that isn’t Western or modern medicine.  My Naturopath practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture, and massage therapy just to name a few of the things he’s used when I see him.  I bring this up because it’s only in the Western world that we coin all of that and Ayurveda and Native American Herbalism, Alternative Medicine.

Most doctors will poo-poo it if you bring it up.  My previous neurologist thought I was crazy when I told her my chiropractor found the cause of my daily migraines.  She told me I had to keep taking my medication.  Pfft.  That was the last day I was ever in her office.   There are countries, like China, who continue to use TCM and bring Western medicine into the fold.  It’s not an either or treatment.  You get the benefits of both.  True integrative medicine. I just think it’s so great that there are countries out there that combine the two medical worlds in order to give their patients maximum benefit.  This is what we really need here.  I was even looking up thyroid doctors ( in Louisville and found one up the street from me that has a holistic approach, combining alternative therapies with modern medicine.  You better believe I wrote his name down.  I want to have it just in case I get to the point where I need his contact information.  Better to be prepared.

The link I gave is actually the website created by Mary J. Shomon, the writer of the book I’m reading now.  I haven’t been able to go through the whole site, but the top doctors section is quite intriguing.  It’s much better than trying to rifle through the yellow pages and doing an eeny-meeny-miney-mo.

I thought that hamburger would be coming back to haunt me by now.  No such luck.  I’m just feeling fat and blah from it.  No more hamburgers! At least I’m not stressed anymore, between comfort food, making bread, ripping up cardboard, and feeding my OCD.