Tsunami and Thyroids

My day yesterday was consumed with the tsunami headed for Hawai`i.  I woke up and had not been on Facebook for 5 minutes when a friend IM’d me telling me about the earthquake in Chile and that a tsunami alert was on for the entire Pacific Rim.  About 80% of my family and most of my friends are in Hawai`i.  By family, I mean my extended family, too.  Most people talk about family in the nuclear sense.  Growing up with the influence of all my aunties, uncles,  cousins, both set of grandparents left me with a global sense of family that encompasses my entire bloodline and friends.

It wasn’t even 10 o’clock and I’m already functioning in zombie mode in order to get done what needed to be done while I prayed for the safety of the islands.  It was a fervent prayer I kept repeating all the way through until the all clear was given.  I’m not quite sure what happened but while my husband and I were at the mall getting him some new tennis shoes.  I somehow used up all my spoons.  We did walk through the two floors of Dick’s and then through the mall.  I was feeling fine before we drove to the mall.  I’m wondering if it was the stress of what was going on in the Pacific.  It was the only thing that was different in my day and stress is known to exacerbate thyroid problems.  By the time we got home, I was barely able to get myself up the stairs.  It was after 2:30pm and the tsunami was expected to hit the Big Island around 4:05pm EST.  I was tired and knew I needed a nap, but I also knew that if I tried, I wouldn’t really rest.

What did I do?  Sat on the couch watching CNN coverage and giving in to the emotional eating I fought just two days before.  Only, I ate healthy.  Stove popped popcorn in unrefined coconut oil and salt.  Later, I had some dark chocolate with almond butter.  It felt rather good to “indulge” without really indulging.  I stayed within the parameters I set for myself and just allowed myself to eat when I felt like wanted to.  In the end, I wound up going to bed before 11pm.

I woke up at 10am this morning.  That was a lot of sleep, but I still felt like I needed more.  On top of that, I was pretty cold and couldn’t get warm enough.  By mid-afternoon, I was in bed under the covers fully clothed and eventually had to put my house slippers on over my two pairs of socks because my feet were freezing. My husband eventually heated up my heatable scarf for me.  Once I started to warm up, I fell asleep…during the gold medal hockey game.  It was the middle of the 2nd quarter when I finally woke up.  I’m feeling a little better.   I’m hoping to feel even better tomorrow when I go in to see my doctor for the results of my lab work.

A doctor posted in the Hypothyroidism group on Facebook yesterday.  He seems to be a far cry from the one doctor that posts on there.  He has a blog that I checked out and it’s pretty much in line with everything I’ve been saying about nutrigenomics and our health.  His name is Brady Hurst and he’s a chiropractor and functional health practitioner in Atlanta.  His blog is: http://doctorbrady.wordpress.com/ and he has a website with lots of good information on Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and PCOS: http://sites.google.com/site/autoimmunethyroidatlanta/Hashimotos-Hypothyroidism-Thyroid-Atlanta I just watched the video on the birth control pill and found it very interesting given that I went off of it 2 months ago to see how I’d fair without it.  He explained the effects of the pill in a much different way than I have read and it made even more sense.  While my last cycle was the worst since starting the pill, I know that the pill wasn’t really fixing the problem with my periods.  It was just masking it.  I think my naturopath and I are going to have an interesting conversation the next time I see him.

If you haven’t noticed, I get my information from many different sources.  Yes, some of the information conflicts.  I have friends out there coming across the same thing.  Then there are people I see on the Hypothyroidism group that have found one thing and think that’s the end all be all and keep pushing just that one thing on everyone (which irks me to no end).  When I give my story, I try to emphasize with people on the group that what I’m doing is what is working for me. I know that from sharing my experience and what I’m doing, it is working for another woman as well.

So what do I do with all this information I gather, especially when it conflicts?  I sift through the knowledge I am receiving with knowledge I’ve already received, then track what I know is working for me.  There are different ideas on adding iodine as a supplement to help with Hypothyroidism.  1) Thyroids need iodine to function.  2) I don’t used iodized salt, I use sea salt.  3) I wasn’t taking a supplement with iodine before.  4) Months before my diagnosis, I felt like there wasn’t enough salt in my food.  5) My naturopath had originally suggested a kelp supplement for the iodine.  The problem with iodine and  Hypothyroid is when there is too much iodine.  There isn’t much in my supplement and I still don’t used iodized salt or eat a lot of seaweed so I’m not in danger of having too much.   The same with soy and the cruciferous foods that get a bad rap for causing goiter.  I don’t eat soy all the time.  Since changing to the whole foods diet, all the processed foods that had modified forms of soy that are harmful are no longer part of my diet.  When I do have soy it will be in the form of edamame, miso soup, soy sauce, and tofu.  That’s it.  Same thing with the cruciferous foods.  I’m pretty sure my body will be able to handle the iodine, the soy, and the cruciferous foods since I am doing whole foods and those are the foods that speak my body’s language.  Everything in moderation!


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