Adventures In My Day

An adventurous day in a way.  I woke up and did my grocery shopping as early as possible this morning as I normally do on Fridays.  I usually make it to Whole foods around the time it opens and it’s like a ghost town.  I like shopping when it’s not crowded.  Today was different.  It was crowded when I got there.  Was there a prediction for a blizzard I don’t know about? I had to remember to get tortilla chips for my husband because I made nachos for dinner tonight (they were yummy) and I was going to make my own from sprouted grain tortillas.  I look at the ingredients of the bag I pick up.  Stone ground corn.  HOT DAMN!  I can have these!  After that, I went to check on the gluten-free breads.  I am going to do a test to see if I’m intolerant and I wanted to check to see if the breads were friendly to my whole foods diet.  Every package I picked up had refined white rice flour and/or evaporated cane sugar.  I decided to pick up some stone ground brown rice flour and ask Silly Sissy for her recipe later.  I was still in a pretty good mood and talked to my cashier about dried beans and raw foods.  That’s one of the things I love about Whole Foods.  The cashiers are really into the healthy foods.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with cashiers at other big chain grocery stores like I do with the ones at Whole Foods.

I stopped by Target on my way home.  I wanted to get The Breakfast Club and for some reason we don’t have it.  I nearly got run over twice in the parking lot.  TWICE!  On my way into the store when a woman was stopped at the stop sign (like she should be) and the woman behind her in her schmancy car decided she was too good for stop signs and went around her.  You bet your butt I gave her a nasty look.  On my way out, it happened again!  Another woman in her schmancy SUV decided the stop sign was too good for her and wasn’t going to wait.  I made her wait.  Again, I give a nasty look.  Stop signs are there for a reason! So, I’m a bit irked at this point since it happened twice in 10 minutes.  I’m trying to calm down on my way to the car and I think, It’s such a beautiful day and I can’t let two inconsiderate women ruin it for me…even if they nearly ruined it by running me over.

I get home and I’m calmed down.  Then, I discover that my husband was still home.  He woke up as I walked in the door.  I had to laugh because he’s normally gone when I get back from grocery shopping.  I pulled out the bag of chips with a smile on my face and my husband looks at me and says, “What are you doing?”  I answer, “I can have these!”  Now, I’m not going to go out and by them every week or gorge out on them.  I really only made nachos tonight to get rid of the last of the cheese so I can officially be dairy free after tonight.  I’ll try it again in three weeks to see if I notice a difference.  I’m not much of a dairy person anyway.  Unless you count cheesecake.  Cheeeeesecaaaaaake.

I felt even better after I fixed breakfast.  I did have some fruit before I went out, but that wasn’t enough of course.  I had planned on doing yoga today, but because it was so nice, I changed the plan to going for a walk to get some Vitamin D.  I took the same route I did for the interval training on Sunday because 1) it was colder than I realized because of the wind and I went out ill prepared for it and 2) I wanted to stick with the short exercise times to see if the good feeling I get from it helps more than doing the long exercise times.  Yes, I’m saying “screw it” to all the books and doctors that say it needs to be at least 30 minutes to be effective.  I think if I feel good when I’m done rather than worn out, I’m more likely to keep it up.  Besides, walking around Whole Foods and Target was movement, too.

Still feeling good and I hope it keeps up!

Addendum: I was in a bit of a rush and forgot something else I meant to have in today’s blog.  My husband came home from work and walked by me as I was deejaying with a 12 pack of Diet Coke with Splenda.  He says, “It’s not aspartame.”  I respond, “But it’s still artificial sweetener.”  Him: “At least it won’t turn to formaldehyde at room temperature.”  I rolled my eyes, but was thankful that he’s getting the message.  Then, he brings me his Kroger bag and shows me what he got for his snacks.  Mixed nuts – roasted and salted, organic raisins with no added sweetener, and assorted dried fruit with no added sweetener.  This is totally different from the pretzels, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream he normally brings home.  “Healthy snacks, huh?” I ask.  “Maybe.” he answers.

Baby steps. 🙂



  1. “Cheeeeesecaaaaaake” Haha, just had to have a JP moment, didn’t you?

    Wants to give Brownie points to hubby but…hmmm, we have to come up with a “brownie point” alternative.

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