Vampires – 2, Debi – 0

I couldn’t put it off any longer since February is coming to an end fast.  The dreaded blood draw.  I had to make sure I didn’t have to do anything the rest of the day if need be.  At least nothing strenuous.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had a hard time with blood draws since the draw the one that indicated low thyroid function.  Light headed.  Loss of strength in my right arm.  GINORMOUS bruises at the needle stick site.  That’s just the biggies.

The order was for a fasting blood draw.  Meaning I couldn’t eat for at least 8 hours before the draw.  Have I mentioned I wake up hungry?  Ravenous, even.  I got ready as fast as I could so I could get it over with.  Go figure that when I get there the waiting room was standing room only.  After signing in, I stood against the wall behind the door.  Thankfully, not many people came in and it wasn’t as long of a wait as in the past when the waiting room is full.   It’s not like when I get my allergy shots and I have no idea which nurse I’ll get.  It’s the same two phlebotomists every time.  Nice ladies.  One is real quiet.  The other is a talker, but sometimes forgets her bedside manner.   Today I got the quiet one.  She decided to do the blood draw and then have me sign the paperwork that was printing during the draw to be more expedient.  While I appreciate the ability for others to be efficient, my right arm was not happy with me trying to grasp a pen after 2 vials of blood had just been taken from it.

I was thinking the entire drive home about stopping for something to eat or just picking something up.  I needed to eat!  I chose to wait and fix something myself in order to stay on track with eating whole foods.  I was feeling woozy by the time I got out of my car at the apartment.  So, I knew fixing something right away was out of the question.  I had a Gatorade from when I was sick last Summer.  I think it was last Summer.  Anyway.  I opened it up and took a few drinks, then I looked at the label.  Water, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose syrup. Two of the first ingredients of Gatorade are sugar! Some sports drink!  Nowhere in what I’ve read does it say that sugar replenishes electrolytes.  Crazy!  I dumped the rest of it after that.

I let the wooziness pass before I tried to do any cooking, since I had to start cooking for lunch (black beans that I had soaking since yesterday) and garbanzos (also soaking since yesterday) for humus.  Doesn’t hurt to have good healthy snacks around.  After getting the beans boiling, I stripped the bedding.  While doing that, I could feel the bruise had formed on my right arm.  Ugh.  No more.  In fact, my bed still isn’t put back together.  I’ll get to that when I’m done with this.

Meanwhile, our friend we went to dinner with on Saturday posts on my Facebook wall that the third ingredient in his Pepperidge Farm Nine Grain Bread is wheat gluten.  Extra gluten?  Really?  Wow.  Just goes to show that we really do need to read the labels and know what to look for.  Things we think are healthy for us, really aren’t because the food industry gets around labeling requirements.  It may say whole grain on the front of the package, but is actually refined flours.

Okay off my soapbox.  I have finally finished UltraMetabolism (YAY!) and hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to telling you about the fatty livers like I meant to last week.  Don’t bust out the foie gras yet!


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