Today is a new day!  Well, it’s nearly over.  It’s a better day though.  My blog post yesterday was in no way meant to complain or whine about my setback.  I just want to make sure people don’t get that impression.  I actually cleared my blog, shut down the laptop, and walked away because I felt like I was complaining while I was typing.  I stopped and reminded myself that this is why I’m blogging.  To share what living with this is like.  I know there are lots of people with chronic illnesses that suffer these setbacks and several of them are people whom I love very much, so I know  they identify with my struggles the last few days.  Shortly after blogging, my husband made me take a nap.  I felt like a little kid being sent to my room.  I can’t remember falling asleep, but when I got up, I felt refreshed and I was only in bed for 30 minutes.

I thought for sure I would be feeling somewhat crappy when I woke up this morning.  Why?  My husband and I went out to dinner with a good friend of ours that is leaving town (for good, he says) soon.  His departure called for a trip to Mojitos.  A local upscale Cuban restaurant that we all happen to love.  This meant, I went slightly to the evil side of food.  Yes, I had mojitos.  Unfortunately, there was nothing bad I could say about them to make me not want them again.  I just know I won’t be drinking for a while.  I didn’t overindulge in mojitos, so I was saved there.  The food is mainly tapas.  When we go, we order several dishes (6 last night or was it 7? lol) and we share.  I was careful in where I went off in the food area so I didn’t overdo it.  Other than the mojitos, the only things that were off were the plantain chips that came with the guacamole and ceviche, and the pita bread that came with the hummus.  I stayed away from the Blue Dog bread (local bakery) that came with the shrimp.  Oh wait.  I went off with dessert, too.  Churros con Chocolat.  I do love a good churro and seeing as how I didn’t have one when we were in Cali, I wanted some.  While it was good, I won’t be having any for a good long time.  Greasy!  Not in feel but I could taste it.  My saving grace was I was pretty full already and couldn’t finish it all.  By the time I went to bed last night, I was still stuffed and it was nearly 3 hours later.  I was feeling the pain already and I was so full I could feel the outline of my stomach.  That was a bit freaky.

Back on track today!  It was so nice out and unseasonably warm that I went for a short walk.  I decided to try out the interval training thing.  I warmed up by doing my normal walking pace for a few minutes.  Then, I did a speed walk for a minute.  After the minute, I slowed back to my normal pace for a minute.  I kept repeating this through the walk.  It was a little hard to start because the first part of my walk was still full of snow and slush that hasn’t melted yet.  Near the end, my body decided to come out of speed walk mode a little early.  Sometimes our body knows best.

I must say, I’m feeling exhilarated.  A far cry from the total lack of energy yesterday and the day before.


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