What’s That I Smell?

I think I need an extra spoon.  A nap might be called for after I post this.  Why?

I woke up this morning and did errands.  Whole Foods.  Target.  Choi’s.  Well, Choi’s was extra because Whole Foods was out of mung bean sprouts.  Good thing they are pretty much around the corner from us.  It took two trips to get everything upstairs and the loads were heavy.  After putting everything away, I got a corn stock going in the crock pot.  It’ll be my base for the corn and wild mushroom soup to go with dinner tonight.  Then I washed some of the glass containers I got at Target.  Only so much space on the counter so I can’t wash them all at once.  I’ll wash some more in a bit.  It’s the first of a few laundry days so I sorted the clothes.  First load just went into the dryer and the whites are soaking right now.  Despite all that movement, I decided I needed to do a little yoga, too.  It didn’t last long.  I had to turn off the tape after about 10 minutes.  My muscles were too fatigued and I was faltering at poses that I’m used to.   At least I can say I made the effort.  It was a lot of movement for me today.  Right now my quads and thighs are thanking me for sitting down.  On the upside, I got on the scale this morning and found myself 2 pounds lighter!

Get ready, I’m about to share something you might not want to hear.  You’ll probably end up saying, “I can’t believe she wrote that,” after you read it.  Just brace yourself.


Yes, I said it.  Gas.  I realized last week that I haven’t been gassy after changing my diet.  Fruits and vegetables have been getting a bad rap for causing gas!  After thinking about it more and going through everything I’ve learned from what I’ve read about nutrigenomics (that’s the term for how our food communicates with our body that I’ve mentioned before) it made sense that it wasn’t really the fruits and vegetables, or even the beans causing my gas!  Yes, beans, too!  Refried beans I’m pretty sure will still cause gas, but I’m talking dried beans or even canned.  I’ve been using dried and no gas after they digest.  Why?  The refined and processed foods are toxic to our bodies.  Yes, I said toxic.  I even tested it last night.  I have a package of Dare crackers in the pantry from our New Years party, still unopened.  My dinner last night was pretty late, so I stuck with simple: grapes, strawberries, carrots and cheese and the Dare crackers.  By the time I was done, I already felt bloated, then I started feeling gassy.  No good.  I loved you Dare crackers but not anymore.  Bye-bye.  I ate a few without the cheese and I really didn’t like the taste anymore.  I could feel the oils coating my tongue.  They didn’t taste savory anymore, either.  I’d say, “Bummer,” but I’m not really bummed.  I know they aren’t good for me and I haven’t missed them.

I tested another food this morning.  Popcorn.  I was leaving Target and the smell caught me.  Popcorn is truly one of my weaknesses.  I love it.  Especially when we go to the theater for a movie.  I got a bag and started eating it on my way to Choi’s.  It was good, but wasn’t as good as it used to be.  I could really taste everything and again, I had a coating of oil on my tongue.  Coconut oil is good for us, but not the kind that’s used for those big commercial poppers.  That oil has been refined and messed with.  Unrefined pure coconut oil, raw coconut and coconut milk contain lauric acid, the saturated fat in mother’s milk that helps boost immunity.  We could all use a better immune system, right?  I love coconut.  I know a few of you reading this don’t.  To each their own.  But, I know now I need more of it.  Raw coconut isn’t the same here as it is back home.  Not to mention the last time I bought one, we had a helluva time opening it.  However, since I discovered the almond milk I got for my smoothies last week is sweetened with evaporated cane juice (which explained why I wanted the smoothies so much), this week I got coconut milk.  No added sweeteners of any kind.

Hmmm…I hear lunch calling my name.


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