I Need To Move It, Move It.

Okay, I have to start of with some sharing again.  This first link is to Jamie Oliver’s (aka The Naked Chef) TED Award speech.  It’s a 20 minute video with some powerful images.  Including one on chocolate milk in schools.  Too bad I watched it after I blogged yesterday.  Or maybe it was a good thing.  I might have been on the soapbox a while.  I posted this on Facebook last night so if you already saw it, you know what I’m talking about.  There should be a link to the website with his vision for the program he wants to keep rolling through America.  On that site there will be other links.  I signed up for his Food Revolution emails.  A high school friend of mine commented on my link to the video that he has a Food Revolution cookbook, which I will certainly be looking into.  A word of warning, I got a little emotional and did some crying.  He’s very passionate about this and with the passion I have about the same thing lately, it just struck me.

This second link is from a friend that IM’d me this afternoon (sorry I missed you!  I was afk!) with the link.  Hopefully, it will make you think twice about fast food.


This last one is for the Saving Dinner radio show.  The show that is in the player is yesterday’s show.  It airs every Wednesday at noon Eastern.  I am a Facebook friend of Leanne Ely’s so I already knew it would be a good show when I saw her status about the topic being food sensitivities.  We’re talking gluten, soy, dairy,etc. and how they have all played a part in chronic illnesses.  If you scroll down you can listen to past shows.  I highly recommend you listen to the show on  1 /20/10.  That show was more specific to gluten.  Oh, and if you listen in to yesterday’s show, my Silly Sissy called in.  You can hear her talking about the milk controversy I brought up in yesterday’s blog post.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/saving-dinner

So, I am battling Hypothyroidism.  I got moderately stable on supplements rather than medications.  I then did a radical diet change, which will continue to evolve as I may attempt to cut out gluten.  Why?  It’s not a nutrient.  Our bodies don’t need it.  But, that is yet to come.  I still have some figuring out in order to do that.  Next up, activity.  Movement.  Exercise.

Exercise is such a dirty word.  I hate “exercise.”  Our ancestors never exercised.  They got their activity from working the land and sometimes walking place to place.  I was never one to really exercise back in high school and college.  I didn’t need to.  I walked to places a lot because I didn’t have a car.  I also played basketball with my brother outside and solo tennis against the garage door.  There was also the occasion tennis “match” in the cul-de-sac with either my brother or a neighborhood friend.  I was in Marching Band, too.  Anyone that tells you Marching Band isn’t exercise has never marked time or marched in a parade.  In college, I walked all over campus rather than getting a moped to get around.  I walked to the grocery store.  I walked to the movie theater.  I walked to Waikiki Beach.  To Ala Moana.  To work.  If it was too far to walk, I took The Bus.  Yes, back in O`ahu, it’s called The Bus.  The best in the nation.  When we move back, I wouldn’t mind taking the bus again.  I still played and was active.  My “Big Brothers,” were both on the swim team.  I went to their swim meets and instead of sitting the stands, I was down at the side of the  pool with the rest of the team cheering them all on, running up and down the side of the pool and jumping up and down.  Yeah, I was a nut.  Still am.  That’s a different story.  I also played a lot of pick up games on campus and at the Y with my co-workers.  Some of my friends also got me into weight lifting.  So, I did that occasionally, but never for long periods of time.  I was just looking for a little more strength in my arms. I hiked whenever I could.  Hawai`i has some really good hiking trails and the view is totally worth it.  I did a lot of dancing, too.  My BFF and I would sit and figure out dance moves from MTV and could re-create the all the dance sequences.  Yeah, little nutty, but we had fun.

So, now I’m not so active.  I don’t really walk anywhere other than just to take a walk for “exercise.”  I have a lot of DVDs and videos I can use.  We have the Wii Fit.  Our apartment complex has a gym and a weight room.  So, what’s the hang up?  I told you, I hate “exercise.”  I can get into using all of that for a few days, then I just don’t want to anymore.  The last time I used the Wii it really pissed me off.  I was getting sick of hearing that “oh!” from it every time I stepped on it.  It was like it was really saying, “Wow, you just shoveled a whole box of Little Debbie’s Swiss Cake Rolls, didn’t you?”  I mentioned in another blog, too, that I just don’t have the energy for it either.

I’m still reading UltraMetabolism by Mark Hyman, M.D.  Yes, still.  I’m reading another book for a book club, too, that’s why I’m still on it.  Anyway.  He was writing about the same thing.  He hates exercise and talked about being active and doing fun stuff rather than exercise.  Since it’s still Winter and we’re expecting more snow this weekend, I’m limited in what I can do that I’ll enjoy.  I definitely need to start getting out and doing more when Spring rolls around.   He also talked about doing interval training to help us burn more calories at rest and to help get our mitochondria back in working order so they’ll convert calories to energy better.  I’d go into the details of the mitochondria, but that would be too much right now.  I’m intrigued by interval training though and I’ll attempt it once I’m more active.

I do love yoga.  It makes me feel good after without making me feel like I ran a marathon.  I’m not tired and my muscles don’t ache.  Plus, it’s good for building muscles by using your own body weight.  So, a few hours ago, I pulled out a video tape of an old show Inhale. I taped several episodes of it so I can have something different every day.  I don’t even know if the show is still airing.  I really like it though.  There are all different levels of people so I don’t feel so bad about my own struggles with flexibility when I see one of the guys struggling, too.  The first part of the show focuses on a lot of muscle building and sometimes I find myself cursing at Steve Ross.  “You want me to do what?”  “Oh, you bastard!”  But, I know as I’m screaming at the video, that I’m going to feel good when I’m done even if it’s not feeling good in the moment.  The middle of the show focuses on stretching and flexibility.  Then the end is meditation.  I think of it more like guided imagery.  At the end of the 45 minutes (after forwarding through the commercials) I did feel good.  So, I’m going to do it again tomorrow.  Oh, and when I did the fast forward, I walked to the VCR to do it rather than use the remote.  A little more moving around wasn’t going to hurt.

Maybe in the end, I can get back to the dojo and have fun on the mat again!

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