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I have to share a few things with you before I get into the real meat of today’s blog.  In case I haven’t beaten you over the head enough about high fructose corn syrup, here is more for you read over: You can thank my BFF for that one.

While I was actually reading that article, my Silly Sissy IM’d me.  Seems she caused quite a stir with some mommies when she commented on a woman’s post about getting schools to serve chocolate milk.  This woman was in favor of schools serving chocolate milk and wanted everyone to petition for it.  My silly sissy simply stated her opinion that there was no need to be shoving milk down kids, much less put flavored syrup in it (which I’m sure has high fructose corn syrup in it) and that kids can get the same amount of Calcium and Vitamin D in vegetables such as broccoli.  After that, quite a few mommies were near head popping explosions as they angrily commented, “What if they won’t eat vegetables?” or “If I have to flavor my kid’s milk with something to get him to drink it, by God I’m going to do it!”  Not quite direct quotes, but approximations from what I can remember from her copy and paste to me.  I’ve never been much of a milk drinker.  I really can’t stand it.  I usually get it to eat with cereal, which I didn’t really eat very often and really haven’t eaten in 3 months.   And yes, I would flavor it with chocolate milk.  But that wasn’t daily.  Now I have some because I was using it for hot chocolate to keep me warm.  I actually need to toss what I have because I’m sure it’s gone bad.  I get that these mommies are real uppity about the FDA recommendations.  But let’s face it, the government doesn’t always have our best interest at heart and it is food industry people who help sway the FDA on what the recommendations should be.   I’ve said before that sugar makes us fat, not fat.  Sugar also depletes our bones of calcium and lowers our bone density.  So then, what is the point of putting syrup (loaded with high fructose corn syrup) in milk?  If you’re one of those uppity mommies, I’m sorry, but it’s the truth.  There is a wide variety of vegetables to supply your child with calcium in the fresh produce section.  You know, that side of the grocery store with a rainbow of color.  And if your child is lacking in Vitamin D, for goodness sakes, send them OUTSIDE to PLAY!

So, that led to me missing the Dinner Diva’s radio show again due to work.  I still have last week’s show to listen to!  I’ve got a lot of radio listening to do.  The show is not all about dinner and being a diva.  No, it’s about nutrition.  She has a degree in Nutrition.  Her first show that I listened to was about the effects of gluten on our bodies.  That had me hooked, since the article she discussed mentioned gluten causing diseases like hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia.  So, she’s a friend of mine on Facebook now and she has a page for her business as well that I’m a fan of.  She posts a lot of interesting articles and videos that I share with everyone.  Yes, I’ve shared some in previous blogs, too.  She posted this after her show today: Diet Coke partnering with the National Institute of Health for heart health.  I have no words.  Really.  So, instead I’ll share what I’ve read about artificial sweeteners.

Aspartame is an excitotoxin.  Excitotoxins get into the brain cells rather easy and then excite them.  This can lead to brain damage and eventual cell death.  Harsh.  What do you expect from a toxin?  I remember that big skull and crossbones that you see on poisons.  Too bad they don’t put those on the foods and drinks that are really poison.  Want a Diet Coke now or do you want to hear more?

Our bodies are wired to know to expect a lot of calories when it tastes something sweet entering the body.  This sends insulin into the bloodstream to prepare for the sugar that is to come.  But the sugar never comes, leaving nothing in our blood to balance out the insulin.  The calories never come either, so our body releases more hunger hormone telling us to eat more because it didn’t get the calories it was expecting.  This leads to overeating.  Eventually, our metabolism forgets how many calories sweet foods have.  So when you do have something not sweetened with artificial sweeteners, your body doesn’t think there are a lot of calories and doesn’t burn them.  Sweetness loses its meaning for our body.

Still want that Diet Coke now?



  1. I love you and sissy with all my heart. But if I stopped eating everything that was bad for me, I’d die from starvation. If my kids couldn’t eat what they enjoyed, they too would die from starvation.
    I think the country has gone overboard with health concious eating. Hey..two each their own. But Im gonna enjoy my life..and my food, til I die. And if I die from clogged arteries…hey..thats they way I was meant to die…

  2. Thanks for the Diet Coke info…it’s so funny that you explained the feeling of hunger. I have been on a Diet Coke binge the last few days, the more stress I’m under the more I drink soda. I have been eating everything in sight, I just can’t seem to get full (not good). The more I eat, the worse I feel and then I drink a Diet Coke to feel better. Vicious cycle indeed.

    I have to go now, the WATER in the fridge is calling my name.

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