I Don’t Want To Be A Pepper, Too.

I wanted to share with you what I’ve read about fatty livers due to exposure to toxins.  Especially, since I’ve mentioned it before.  Instead, I’m going to share an experience from today.

If you have me as a friend on Facebook, you’ll know that we’ve been getting snow here in Kentucky.  I only work 3 days a week and last week I was snowed in for 2 of those days.  Truthfully, I hate the snow.  It’s cold, wet, no fun to clear off my walkway or my car, and it makes the cold hurt more.  We just had our 7th Winter storm just this Winter.  It’s a lot for this Island Girl to endure, even though it’s not on the scale of what Maryland and Virginia has. I was expecting to stay home again today since schools were closed, but my boss called this morning and said to come in at noon.

I might mention at this point that I didn’t sleep well this morning.  I kept waking up early this morning and finally got out of bed because I was just lying there instead of sleeping.  The extra time allowed me to clear off the walkway (with a broom).  We live on the second floor of a two-storey apartment building and the snow was literally blowing sideways, so I opened the door to about an inch of snow covering everything.  Then, I went down to clean off the car.  This time, instead of using my hands and the scraper, I took the broom with me.  Made quick work of it, too.  4 inches on the car and from the accumulations from the last 3 times it snowed, I was standing in about a foot on the passenger side of my car while I was trying to clean it off.  The whole time I was thinking, I should have bought those damn snow boots I saw Saturday. After that was done, I had to change my pants so I wasn’t covered in snow.  I know I can’t catch a cold from being wet out in the cold, but have I mentioned my cold intolerance?  I do everything I can to make sure my feet and hands stay warm.  Otherwise, I’m miserable.

I ate such a huge breakfast late that I didn’t take lunch with me and I forgot to take my water.  However, as I was working, I started to feel hungry.  I got out my stash of nuts and seeds to snack on.  I was going to get water from our snack room and I decided, I need caffeine. I was feeling the effects of the poor quality of sleep I had.  So, I got the last Dr. Pepper.  It was that or Pepsi.  Ick.  Or Diet Pepsi.  Infinity ick.

Now, I love Dr. Pepper and it’s hard to find caffeine-free Dr. Pepper anymore, so it’s been a while since I’ve had it.  I sat down at my desk, put the can in front of me, and crack.  Sssssssss.   I envisioned the refreshing taste I enjoy from a Dr. Pepper.  What I got was….ICK!  It tasted syrupy and more like diet than anything else.  My change of diet has changed my tastes!  I don’t crave the sweets, the breads or anything else I used to have cravings for before I changed my diet.  I wasn’t drinking soda before this because I knew what the high fructose corn syrup would do to my body.  I don’t want one ever again now.

Chalk another one up for the whole foods.


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