Getting There

I’m a little scattered right now, so I’m doing this post in an attempt to focus myself.  I’ll make every attempt to make sure this doesn’t sound scattered when I publish it.  If I fail, hit me over the head.  Well, maybe just a hug will do.

You know that I’ve focused on becoming healthy again if you’ve followed my previous blog posts.  My whole purpose of this was to feel healthy again.  The symptoms of hypothyroidism and the pain I experienced while taking Synthroid left me feeling not myself.  I wanted to be able to use food to my advantage to get it working right again.  Again, my focus was feeling good again.  So, after nearly 3 months of a changed diet, do I feel better?  Not quite.

I still have the fatigue, the occasional extra tenderness when I’m touched, the cold sensitivity, the lack of focus/concentration, the occasional headache, and a return to painful periods.  Those are just some of the things I’m still dealing with daily.  I am not where I thought I would be with this change in diet.  Yet, if I take a step back and look at my overall health and well-being, I see I am better.  I am healthier.  I am in a better spot.  It’s not the spot I was picturing, but it is still better.

I have been plagued by migraines for as long as I can remember.  My dad has migraines and I chalked it up to hereditary.  Several years ago, I was getting them daily.  After a multitude of testing, a neurologist put me on medications to prevent them.  I found myself seeing a chiropractor one day because I was in so much back pain it hurt to move.  When I saw my x-rays, I saw that my migraines were being caused by a pinched nerve.  My migraines improved right away and I went off the medication, much to the neurologist’s dismay.  I went back to 1 or 2 migraines a month and I decided that was back to normal for me again.  Hereditary.  Being on the Synthroid did take away the headaches that were different and the migraines.  It was rough having them again after going off the Synthroid, but it wasn’t anything I wasn’t already used to.  Since changing my diet, I find myself complaining about my head hurting as much.  Chalk one up for whole foods.

My doctor diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) back in 2000 when I started seeing him after my previous doctor was unable to give me a diagnosis after copious testing.  I was so frustrated with him and his attempt to send me back for the same tests because he clearly wasn’t checking my chart that I decided it was time to find someone who would pay attention.  Enter my wonderful doctor.  So, current doctor made me give up caffeine, drink more water, take more fiber, exercise more, eat more fruits and veggies.  You get the picture.  Nine years later, while on Synthroid, I had no IBS symptoms at all.  So let’s attribute that to my wacky thyroid.  I had some problems again once I was off the Synthroid.  Now I’m back to no IBS symptoms since changing my diet.  Chalk another one up for whole foods.

I live in the Ohio Valley.  A veritable muck of mold spores in the air that just stagnates because we don’t get winds that blow it through.  We’ll get a small wind that blows it around, but that’s it.  Then there is Wintertime when colds, infections, and flu abounds.  I was able to get a free flu shot at my last job pretty much every year.  There were 2 years I didn’t get the shot.  First was my first Winter working there and I chose not to get it.  I never had one before I didn’t see a need for it.  The second time was the year there was a shortage of the flu shot, so the kids I worked with was first priority.  Both of those years I got the flu.  Right before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I got the flu.  Yes, I didn’t have the shot that Winter.  Guess what?  I didn’t have the shot this Winter and no flu!  *knocks on wood*  No colds or infections either! *knocks on wood again*  Chalk another one up for whole foods.

I may not be where I envisioned I would be when I changed my diet, but I’m still in a good place and I know I will get there eventually.


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  1. Hey Deb. I have a lot of the same symptoms you have, but never thought about the connection. Thanks for the insight!

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