Trials, Errors, and Travels

Let me get back on track with my story.

I went in for blood work and to see my doctor about a week after my naturopath’s discovery.  Pretty much everything was “normal.”  What wasn’t normal was my Vitamin D level.  It was so low, it was almost 0.  Talk about deficient.  “Get more sun,” he tells me.  Right.  More sun.  I’m allergic to almost every bit of plant life in Kentucky.  Okay, I’ll try it anyway.  He also gave me a prescription for Vitamin D that I only had to take once a week.

After the first week, I noticed some improvement in my energy level.  I decided it was time to get some sun.  I started walking again for my exercise and for the sunlight.  I worked my way up to 3 miles a day.  Pretty good considering I wouldn’t have even thought about walking that much 3 months earlier.  And I don’t normally walk that much when I take walks.  I was working up to being able to go to Bonnaroo June with my husband and friends without keeling over and having to be carried.  I was also working up to being able to return to the dojo.

Things seemed to go well.  I was walking, cleaning the apartment (just in time for a visit from a  friend) and feeling better than I thought I would ever feel again.  In preparation for going to Bonnaroo, I decided to try to switch to taking nutritional yeast and amino acid complex so I didn’t have to worry about mixing my brewer’s yeast with juice in the morning.  I felt okay.  Not the best, but I was getting through.

Two full days of Bonnaroo seemed to wipe me out though.   Walking across the grounds multiple times each day took it’s toll on me and by the time I woke up Sunday, I had a monster headache that wouldn’t go away.  We wound up staying in the hotel room for the day.  At least I got to see who I really wanted to see the previous two days: Lucinda Williams, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wilco, Beastie Boys, Bruce Springfield, and Nine Inch Nails – we saw more, but those were the ones I was looking forward to seeing.

I realized after the fact that the change I made wasn’t helpful and went back to the brewer’s yeast and continued to use the amino acid complex.

I saw my doctor for another follow-up in July.  Things were fine and he mentioned my levels for my thyroid were borderline and said if they were still the same when I saw him again in 6 months, he’d put me back on medication.  He also told me I could use over the counter Vitamin D and suggested Calcium Citrate.  I went to the store after the visit and found what he suggested, as well as something called Metabolic Advantage.  It had natural thyroid in it to help with thyroid function.

After a couple of days I discovered that Metabolic Advantage wasn’t for me.  Why?  The feet and leg pain returned.  So, it would seem any form of thyroid will do that to me.  Ouch.

In September, we went to St. Louis for the Japanese Festival.  This would make our third trip for the festival so I knew well what to expect beforehand.  I made sure to get some canned juice to mix my brewer’s yeast in before we went.  This seemed to work better than my last travel plan.  I was able to walk back and forth around the Missouri Botanical Gardens without much problem and I wasn’t overly tired the following day.  Well, I was, but that had more to do with us staying at my silly sissy’s too late when we left the Gardens before returning to the hotel.


A month later, we drove up to Chicago to see my cousin and to see my best friend and her family that were flying in for a long weekend.  However, we only stayed overnight.  I stuck with the same plan I used for St. Louis.   Again, the only tiredness was from not enough sleep.

We planned for a trip to Los Angeles to be with my best friend and her family for Thanksgiving.  I found something called Thyroid Support by Gaia Herbs one day a few weeks before we left while perusing the supplements.  I checked the ingredients to see if there was thyroid in it.  Nope.  But, there was iodine and L-Tyrosine.  I was pretty tired of drinking the brewer’s yeast so I gave it a shot.  My trial before leaving for the trip was pretty successful.  If anything, I felt better. Meanwhile, my best friend was searching for stores in her area that carried brewer’s yeast so I wouldn’t have to pack it.   I love her!  She didn’t have to do it, but she did it anyway.  🙂

We had some friends we knew from band in high school come up for a get together the day after we got in.  We spent the night before and the morning of getting food ready.  I had not seen or spoken to most of the friends since high school.  We had all pretty much found each other on Facebook.  I found out one of them also has hypothyroidism while we were sitting around talking.  We traded experiences and everything.  I had another person who understood what I was going through and it felt good.  She mentioned that Jillian Michaels had a new book out and that she has hypothyroidism and wrote about it in the book.  I made sure to look  up the book later to so I could get it.  It was a great day!  I wasn’t overly exhausted or anything.  YAY!

Throughout the visit, I did find that the high energy play that my nephew loved and would ask for more, wore me out.  Thankfully, he was patient when I’d need more rest time between tossing him in the air or spinning him around.  The exhaustion was worth the smile and laughing coming from him.

The day before Thanksgiving, we started food preparations again.  It made the morning and day of Thanksgiving easier so we weren’t in the kitchen all day.  And the food was mmm mmmm good!

The day after Thanksgiving was even busier and required more energy.  Disneyland!  My best friend and I had not been to Disneyland together since our Senior Grad Night there.  Her husband and son had not been at all and my husband had only been to Disney World.  We got up early, drove the two blocks to the subway station and took the subway to Union Station.  From there we took the train to Anaheim and then took a taxi to Disneyland.  It wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be and it was certainly not as busy as we’ve seen it.  I don’t think we waited for a ride longer than 40 minutes and we only used the Fast Pass system once.  Pretty good!  We had to leave early in order to get back to the train on time for the ride home.  I won’t even mention the spill I took once we finally got out of the subway and were walking back to the car.  Oy.

Saturday was shopping day.  My best friend and her mom (whom I call Mom) normally do their after Thanksgiving shopping on Saturday rather than Friday to skip the crowds and still get the deals.  We did a good deal of shopping and walking, including one trip back to the car to drop off what bags we had at the time.   I didn’t find the Jillian Michaels book (Master Your Metabolism), but didn’t expect to at a mall anyway.  I also didn’t find a camera replacement.  Target had sold out of the one I wanted.  Oh yeah, that spill I didn’t mention, my camera was a casualty.  It still took pics, but the LCD screen broke.  So it was like having an old film camera and not knowing how the picture would turn out.

Sunday, we took Mom to the train station for her return trip home.  My best friend and I did more shopping after seeing Mom off, this time with my nephew in tow.  We hit Best Buy where I got my camera and she got her husband’s Christmas present.  Toys R Us was also a stop, where I couldn’t help but buy more toys for my nephew.  Yes, he got spoiled for his birthday, Chanukah, and Christmas.  Hey, a kid has to have Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs!

Monday was our last full day in Los Angeles.  My husband and I stayed home to do laundry and pack while my best friend took my nephew to speech therapy.  I was already feeling the wear of the vacation, especially since the last four days required a lot of energy.  I was limited on spoons so I took it easy.

The Thyroid Support worked wonders, but I knew now where my new limits are.


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