I’ll Take Naturopathy For $500

April 2009, marked the 4th month I was going on knowing what I had and still clueless why I wasn’t getting better.  I decided to call my naturopath even before my doctor cousin suggested it.  I only stayed away from him this long because I didn’t want him doing anything that would mask test results.  Enough was enough.  I remembered everything he’s done in the last few years to improve my quality of life and I hoped he would come through for me again.  I scheduled an appointment the week before I needed to do go in for follow-up lab work.

My naturopath and I have a great relationship and we pretty much talk through the entire 30 minutes I’m with him.  We have the same taste in books and movies and often discuss them at length, as well as aromatherapy, food, supplements, you name it.  I find it very easy to explain to him what is going on with my body because of this relationship.

I quickly summarized what I had gone through, what I was diagnosed with, what I was tested for and what tests showed I didn’t have.  He had me lie down supine on his table and proceeded to slowly move his hands just above my body checking for anything that felt of.  Bad ki or chi, if you will.   At one point he stopped, went to his computer, typed and was quiet for a minute.  “It’s your Synthroid,” he finally said.  “Seriously?”  “Yes.  Your liver is hot, but your symptoms aren’t on the list of side effects.”  “Geez.”

It blew my mind.  All my training and experience being certified in medication administration at my last job and I didn’t think ONCE to consider that the Synthroid was making me worse.  Then it clicked that my allergies were out of control because the Synthroid was interacting with my Zyrtec and making it seem as if I wasn’t taking it at all.   I finally had an answer.

We discussed the natural options.  He suggested kelp for the iodine.  I mentioned brewer’s yeast and progesterone cream from an article my mother-in-law gave me.  He told me to try what I thought was best.  I was opening my car door when he ran up to me.  He ran down three flights of stairs to try to catch me before I was gone because he forgot to tell me something.  What a great doc!

He showed me a kinesiology trick where you take an item (such as the supplements we were discussing) and put it to your heart with both hands, put your feet together and close your eyes.  If you fall forward, that’s what your body is wanting.  If you fall back, your body doesn’t want it.  Of course, don’t let yourself fall down.  Once you feel the lean, you know.

I went straight to one of the local health food stores from his office.  I’m sure I looked like a fool standing in the aisles using that kinesiology trick, but it worked.  I left with brewer’s yeast and progesterone cream.  I tried it on my Synthroid once I got home and my lean was forward.

I wound up starting the brewer’s yeast and progesterone cream that day and continued on the Synthroid.  I used the kinesiology trick again on the 4th day of having both in my system and found myself leaning back.  That was it.  No more Synthroid.  I was feeling somewhat better and found myself able to stand for longer periods without the pain within a few days.  I took it slow, though.  No marathon standing for me right after getting rid of the pain.  At least I was able to shower without feeling the need to just stop and sit down right then and there.

I couldn’t wait to have my labs done and see what my doctor had to say about the changes I made.


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